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  Congratulations to Prof. Becker and Prof. Zotchev
for being awarded Prototypenförderung PRIZE 2017



We are delighted to announce that Prof. Christian Becker (Faculty of Chemistry) and Prof. Sergey Zotchev (Faculty of Life Sciences) have each been awarded Prototype/Proof of Concept funding (PRIZE 2017) from the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS). The highly competitive PRIZE program funds the further development of patented or patentable University inventions with Commercial potencial.  Prof. Becker’s project is focused on the use of new adjuvants for vaccines, in particular for the latest generation of vaccines against cancer and allergies. The project of Prof. Zotchev concerns an exciting new class of antibiotics with potential for treating disease against a background of antibiotic resistance. The TTO supported both proposals during the application process.

  The call for the Janssen Special Award is open



Janssen, the pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson, awards Euro 4.000 to a project with high relevance to medicine and health care. The deadline for submission of proposals is on February 28, 2018. For additional information, please visit: www.life-science.eu/janssen-special-award/

  Spin-off fellowship (FFG)



The aim of the Spin-off fellowship of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is to further develop the intellectual property of a university or research institution in such a way that it can be exploited as part of a spin-off company. The fellowship will enable researchers to focus exclusively on developing their research results into concrete business ideas. To this end, funding will be granted for up to 18 months with a maximum of EUR 500,000. Additionally, researchers will be supported with mentoring, coaching and training measures.

The TTO supported four researchers of the University of Vienna on their applications for the first call in January 2018. The next call for applications will take place in mid-July 2018.

  Licensing Executives Society Conference



Last January, the Technology Transfer Office team attended the Licensing Executives Society Conference: "Intellectual Asset Management, Strategies & Deal Terms". The event featured talks from top specialists in licensing and technology transfer, and promoted networking with licensing professionals form different fields of industry as well as from the university and legal sector.

  Focus on… Confidential Disclosure Agreements



Universities are repositories of vast amounts of unpublished information, some of which has commercial or strategic value. Revealing such confidential information to third parties such as other research institutions or companies can be problematic if it leads to misappropriation and abuse of that information. Among other things, uncontrolled exchange of confidential information can jeopardize later patent filings. The best protection is to set up a short written agreement between the parties, laying out the rules in respect of confidential information to be exchanged. Such an agreement is termed a CDA (Confidential Disclosure Agreement) or NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement), The TTO can prepare CDAs upon request, and is responsible for handling the review and processing of incoming CDAs received from outside parties. Signature of CDAs lies within the remit of the University rectorate, with delegation of powers to the head of the Research Service Unit.


  New team member



Inma Sanchez Romero joined the Research Services of the University of Vienna as Ass. Project Manager of the INDICAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in 2017. From January 2018 she also became a new Team member at the Technology Transfer Office, providing support on chemistry related projects. Inma is a Chemical Engineer, has a PhD in Chemistry and is a Certified Project Management Associate (IPMA). Before joining us, she worked at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria as a Postdoctoral fellow.

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