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  Responsibility in Action (ReflACT) workshop. 15 November
& 10 December 2018



In this two-day workshop, PhD students will have the opportunity to learn, identify and reflect on relevant societal issues and concerns related to their research fields under the heading of “Responsible research and Innovation”. They will develop ways of acting upon these reflections in carrying out their PhD projects. The workshop will be held in English.

Application deadline: 1st of November

For additional information and registration, please click here.

  Patent Scan for Students



The Patent Scan is a service provided by Austrian Patent Office to students working on their final projects with a technical focus. Students need to provide a brief description containing a technical statement of their task. The service, which is free of cost, provides an overview of protected inventions in their technical field and a starting point for their own patent.

For additional information on the Patent Scan, please click the following link.

  WeAreDevelopers: AI Congress. Vienna, 4 - 5 December 2018



The WeAreDevelopers AI Congress is intended to bring together academics and industry to shed light on human-machine interactions. The two-day conference will cover topics such as “Machine vs Human – Trusting Computers’ Decisions”, “Blockchain: Decentralized Artificial Intelligence” and “Security and Safety in AI”. WeAreDevelopers connects developers globally and aims at supporting them to grow and to find opportunities.

For additional information, please click the following link.

  University of Vienna member of PraxisAuril



Last August the University of Vienna became a member of PraxisAuril, the UK's leading association of research commercialisation professionals, representing more than 100 UK universities and public sector research establishments.

With this new membership, the University expands and consolidates its Technology Transfer networks, which include ASTP-Proton, UIIN, AUTM, LES and AWS.

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